How to Decide on the Right Colorado Neighborhood for You

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Many of the suburbs of Colorado are great places to move to with your entire household. Whether you’re a family person, or you prefer to live on your own, Colorado has a lot to offer in terms of fancy and practical housing accommodations, great jobs, friendly neighborhood communities and peaceful, as well as natural areas to live in.

Denver is one of the best places to live in when it comes to Colorado, if you prefer city life. Places like Superior and the neighborhood of Holly Hills can be great choices if you want a peaceful area that still has everything you need from a larger city – such as a Starbucks nearby or a ritzy restaurant to dine in every once in a while.

Boulder also has some great neighborhoods you can choose from, and since it’s a smaller city than Denver, it’s also less expensive. You can also rest assured that your children will grow up well in Boulder, since it’s a family friendly place overall, with great schools, the University of Colorado Boulder at hand and some excellent places to look for opportunities for educational and fun pastimes.

Deciding on the right neighborhood has a lot to do with what you desire and expect from a good neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for good transportation, or family friendly homes for sale in Thornton CO 80602, or a place with lots of great opportunities for picnics and outings, Colorado will never fail to exceed your expectations.

Getting to Know the Personalities of Denver Neighborhoods

If you plan to relocate to Denver, you are surely interested in identifying neighborhoods that match best your personality, to be able to choose the one that is right for you.


Here are a few hints.


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This neighborhood offers approximately 700 single family homes. There is a beautiful community pool and clubhouse, a playground, and a greenbelt that winds through the community. Children attend well regarded Cherry Creek Schools. Call a realtor specializing in Greenwood single family homes for sale in zip code 80016.


Washington Park

This neighborhood is for people who enjoy comfort and live a modern lifestyle, with its cocktail bars, contemporary restaurants, art galleries and gardens.

Congress Park

This neighborhood is for people who prefer peace and quiet, but are also close enough to all the action, for when they need it.

City Park

This area is for those who really enjoy city life. It has great nightlife opportunities, with various eating, drinking and partying options.

Capitol Hill

This is one of the cultural hubs of the city, suitable for those who enjoy art, music as well as indie shops and restaurants. Capitol Hill is for people with various lifestyles and it also tends to attract young people.


Downtown Denver is for the attention-seekers (those who are always in the middle of the “action” and get all the likes).

Cheesman Park

This neighborhood balances urban life with suburban comfort and nature, being a great place for balanced people with well rounded personalities.


Denver Highlands neighborhood is for the quirky residential, the hipster who exudes style and coolness.

Cherry Creek

This neighborhood is for people who prefer luxury and the finest things in life: high end gallery types, Tiffany & Co, fine dining etc.


Family Friendly Colorado Neighborhoods

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Colorado is a great place to live and people flock here for different reasons: good jobs, affordable housing costs, technological development, great outdoors, friendly neighborhoods etc.

For individuals and families alike, it is hard to find good reasons not to live in the Centennial state. Colorado has four national parks, a few dozens of state parks, national forests and wildlife refuges, as well as breathtaking landscape. Here are some of the friendliest places to live with your family.

  1. Fort Collins

Fort Collins is at the top of best cities for families due to its good schools, cultural scene and outdoor recreation opportunities. There are many city parks with playground and pet friendly areas, an impressive library system downtown, health costs are lower than average and there are a few farmers markets that provide easy access to healthy food.

  1. Castle Rock

Castle Rock provides high quality of life, it has amazing scenic beauty and a multitude of recreation opportunities that keep families active. This city is committed to open space, being also in the top 10 fastest growing communities in the US. There are lower home prices here and very good schools.

  1. Broomfield

Broomfield has a lower crime rate than the national average and is another family- friendly location. There is a variety of classes for kids, educational activities and schools with high scores in various evaluations.

4. Centennial

Centennial is home to award winning Cherry Creek schools and in close proximity to lots of open space. Call outstanding Greenfield realtors and see how this community will offer you a family lifestyle you have always dreamed of.


Colorado Real Estate Trends 2019

The Centennial state has a unique real estate market that is doing very well for a while now, mostly due to many people relocating here and the strong demand from employers.  These trends will continue until the end of this year, in all three major real estate markets: the Front Range, the mountain resorts and the rest of the areas.

They are not expected to perform radically different in the next months and nor in the next year.

In Front Range Residential, houses below 500k are expected to continue to see small appreciation, while those above 500k will slow.  The luxury market will not do so well, with prices possibly declining and inventory rising.

In most mountain communities, properties below 1m is very hot due to many people`s preference to live in mountain communities. There are high costs of building here, while inventory is very low, considering that more homes are used for short-term rentals. On the high end, there seems to be appreciation.

As about the other areas in the state (the more rural areas), they are expected to continue to stagnate.

The commercial real estate seems more interesting. Multifamily sees a moderation in the rent growth, and high end properties provide incentives to entice people. The industrial market is influenced by marijuana related properties taking up, while office market will remain strong, with properties remaining in high demand due to the continued relocation of companies in Colorado.

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If you are interested in buying real estate in Colorado, Tom Ullrich – RE/MAX will be happy to share his thoughts with you, and find you the best home to fit your preferences and budget.

Why Everyone is Moving to Colorado

Denver Colorado

The Centennial State, and popular Greenfield neighborhood, is a very fast-growing state which new comers find very appealing for planting their roots and start a new life. Here are some of their reasons:

  1. Colorado is one of the states with a significant economic growth

It has enjoyed a steady boost in the last decade that continues the upward trend.

  1. You can find a good job here

The economic growth we have talked before has many positive effects, one of them being a strong and consistent job market that has been like this since the 90`s

  1. Colorado is also a beautiful place to live

It has magnificent natural landscape, being only a trip away from Utah’s deserts, Wyoming’s National Parks and other outdoor lovers` dreams. Maybe that`s why people here like to be active, healthy and in good shape. Fitness, hiking, yoga – most practice them.

  1. Colorado has a rich cultural life, many entertainment options and a great shopping scene

All in all, finding a good and healthy work-life balance is made easy in the Centennial State. People have access to many ways to create a good life here, and this is the most important aspect that attracts them.

Contact a realtor today to find beautiful Greenfield homes for sale, and enjoy summer in your new state!