Benefits of Purchasing a New Home

Benefits of Purchasing a New Home

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A recent study has shown that more and more people prefer investing their money into new homes instead of existing ones. “New” means newly built properties, where no one has lived before, or houses purchased during construction.

Let’s see what the main advantages of looking at new homes for sale in Todd Creek Thornton CO are:

  • A house under construction can be modified much more easily
  • The construction team does all the work; you will not have to worry about making modifications on your own
  • New homes have many design elements that the lifestyle requires nowadays: brightness, storage, dining room, spacious bathrooms etc.
  • You will not have much work to do about maintaining the new home – which is a huge financial advantage. With new appliances, pipe system, heating system etc., you should have no problems, at least for a few years.
  • Recently built houses, made of new construction materials, with adequate insulation and ventilation, usually have a low energy consumption, which means that you pay less for heating and cooling.
  • New homes are usually equipped with the latest technology – alarm systems, internet, etc. – which will save you money and prevent the need to make holes in the walls for installing them.
  • You will move into a house that is close to perfection, and the new construction smell is truly a luxury!


Questions to Ask a New Home Builder

Questions to Ask a New Home Builder

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The quality of the construction works is undoubtedly one of the main problems that people who want to build their house must deal with. When you select a home builder, especially if you do not have information about the respective company, it is advisable to ask for references (previous projects, contact details of previous clients), visit some of the construction that the company has already accomplished and discuss with the owners to get an overview of the way the company works and manages different situations.


Also, the following questions might help you receive useful answers:

Is your team stable?

A reliable construction team is one whose members have been the same for a long time, and STABILITY is the watchword. This is a good indicator that your home building project is in good hands. Check with reputable realtors regarding the integrity of homes built in the 80016 area. They will assure you that these homes were built with quality and care to last through generations of families.

What can you do to increase the market value of my house?

It is important that your home builder is able to add value to the project. Whether it is a more special entrance driveway, a better-proportioned garden or a multi-purpose garage, the builder should come up with ideas that will increase the value of your house on the real estate market.

Are you familiar with the local building codes?

Your home builder should comply with all SAFETY RULES, LEGISLATION IN FORCE and all other rules imposed by local authorities.


Open House Visits – Recognize Red Flags

Open House Visits – Recognize Red Flags

When you want to buy a house, an open house event is an excellent opportunity to visit it, which is one of the most important steps in your prospective process. Do not treat it lightly, because just such a visit will give you the decisive impetus in choosing your home.

Touring homes for sale in Heritage Todd Creek Thornton CO allows you to identify potential red flags, as well as provides important information you can use in price negotiation. An open house viewing at Heritage Todd Creek also gives you the opportunity to see upscale home properties, and a means with which to compare all other places and neighborhoods you are interested in.

Touring homes for sale in Heritage Todd Creek Thornton CO

Assuming that when you go to an open house event, you are already relatively familiar with the neighborhood, and this is to your liking, there are several other things evaluate carefully.

You have to observe the façade, the way it looks, especially structurally speaking (solid, no cracks etc.). If the house is insulated, this detail may not be obvious, so you will have to be even more careful when you visit the interior of the house. Ask and verify (in the deeds of ownership) the year when the house was built and make sure the price reflects its age.

If a lot of things can be fixed in and around the house, when it comes to structural issues, these are the worst and you should be very careful about them. You must not worry about any hairline crack, because most buildings have them, but large gaps are definitely a red flag, as they could indicate foundation problems.

A Short Guide to the Colorado Real Estate Market

A Short Guide to the Colorado Real Estate Market

Colorado real estate - Todd Creek homes for sale 80602

The Colorado real estate market is among the ones in the country that are the most dynamically developing and changing. There are many reasons that account for this dynamism, the most important one probably being the flourishing job market and the rapidly developing economy in the state – the spectacular mountain state has been attracting numerous companies and with these companies come people searching for employment and looking for housing as well. The area is also among the healthiest regions in the entire country – an aspect that makes it even more inviting.

Given the high demand, the state’s real estate market is a seller’s market – whether we are talking about residential, commercial or industrial property, now is the time to sell. As in any market dominated and governed by the interests of the sellers, real estate prices in Colorado keep going up. The increase has slowed down a bit compared to previous years, but the process is far from coming to a halt. Interestingly, though, affordable real estate is still available – real estate development projects – look at beautiful Todd Creek homes for sale 80602 – have been extended to neighborhoods and areas that used to be unpopular, but are now connected with infrastructure to important settlements and public safety has also been restored, making these districts attractive, but accessible for the time being.

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

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Most houses are not ready to be sold or not in their best shape when the owners decide to put them on the market – if you are the owner of a house that is almost ready, but not yet, here are a few affordable projects that you can complete to make your sought after Greenfield real estate property as attractive as can be:

  • Make sure that all your rooms are well illuminated – get some bulbs and, if necessary, install a couple of attractive new lamps and fixtures – a well-lit home is more welcoming and therefore much easier to sell;
  • Work on your landscape a bit – prune your trees and bushes, clean your garden, mow the lawn and create some flower beds or little rock gardens to make your property more inviting;
  • Add a fresh coat of paint wherever needed – clean walls of an attractive color will instantly make your building look friendlier and will impress your potential buyers;
  • Declutter your home – when you sell your home, you will have to move out, so why not remove the clutter before you list your property? Be prepared that the decluttering process is likely to take time and you might need a container for it, too, so start early.

How to Prepare for an Easy Home Buying Experience

How to Prepare for an Easy Home Buying Experience

Buying property is never easy, but the process can be made much simpler if you adopt a strategic approach. Here are some tips:

  • Start putting your strategy into practice in time – the process of buying a home should start much earlier than with the moment when you find your dream home. When you make up your mind to buy a home of your own, take a long and critical look at your finances and determine whether there are any ways to improve your situation. Try to find methods to improve your credit score – think about rolling all your credit card debts into one, more substantial debt and figure out other ways to improve your creditworthiness, too;

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  • Turn to an experienced and trustworthy real estate expert – find an agent or a realtor who really knows the real estate market in the area that you like best; hiring an expert on homes for sale in 80602 is a much more efficient way to find a home in that area than searching for the right place on your own;
  • Be prepared to negotiate – when your credit score is as good as can be, get a credit preapproval letter from your bank – the document is a great tool to convince the seller that you are a serious buyer and might help you cut the price, too. Offering a more substantial down payment or longer move-out time might also put you into a good negotiation position.

Why you need to buy this condo before quarantine is over

Why you need to buy this condo before quarantine is over

Your new normal could be better than you’ve been imagining

The Status

Showings for all Denver real estate start again this Monday, April 27th. This condo was listed days before quarantine was mandated, so now is the time to grab a hot property that makes sheltering in place sound like a dream.

The Space

This charming 2 bed, 2 bath condo has new interior paint and carpet; new interior doors; remodeled and adjustable master & secondary bedroom closets, and bathrooms. Situated steps from the elevator, this single-level, third-floor unit is move-in ready. Pride of ownership shines throughout the unit and building as the majority of the property is occupied by owners. 

The Location

RiNo is one of the top rated neighborhoods in Denver and is ranked as a top destination nationally too. 

Whether you  are moving to Denver to live your outdoorsy dreams or returning to the city after sending your kids off to college, you can’t go wrong living in the center of RiNo. In addition to quick highway access and being a 5-minute walk to the 38th/Blake A-Line station to the airport, you’ll have the bustling Larimer Street as your backyard to 2999 Lawrence.

The Lifestyle

There are endless options to eat, drink, shop and socialize as you’re steps away from Denver Central Market, Shake Shack, Barcelona, Crema Coffee House, Blue Sparrow Coffee, Improper City, Walnut Room, Curtis Park Deli, Ratio Brewery, and Epic Brewing Co. The best part about living in the middle of it all? Your friends and family will want to come to you the first chance they get.

Work-Life Balance

With several coworking spaces including Enterprise Coworking across the street, Industry, The Workroom on Blake, and WeWork The Hub, this is a mecca for entrepreneurial spirits. If you are looking for a good commute or just want to step outside to get some work done, this is the home for you.

Stay at home? No problem!

Location and comfort are everything at 2999 Lawrence. The professionally managed HOA makes living easy and Union Station/LoDo is a fun 15-20 minute stroll on any given day. Cherry Creek and Washington Park are also short drives away. There’s no better place to be. Stay at home or just lock up and go!

Tom Ullrich, GRI

Reasons to Attend Neighborhood Open Houses

Reasons to Attend Neighborhood Open Houses

homes for sale 80016 open house events

Visiting open houses is a great and surprisingly entertaining way to acquire knowledge about the real estate environment in the area where you want to buy property and the process offers lots of opportunities to learn about how to negotiate for your new home. Here are some reasons why attending open houses in your neighborhood is useful, even if your plan is not to buy your new home tomorrow:

  • Getting the big picture – going around to homes for sale 80016 open house events will give you an accurate idea about what you can afford and what is out of range for your budget, that way you can keep your dreams realistic;
  • Seeing how agents work – buying a new home involves more than finding your dream home and paying for it. You will need to deal with your agent or realtor as well and seeing realtors and agents in action is the best way to figure how to communicate with your representative when the time comes;
  • Beneficial if you are selling, too – if you are planning to sell your home, visiting open houses will give you an idea of how your competition works and will allow you to get to know your targeted buyers better.

How to Choose a Neighborhood

How to Choose a Neighborhood

A luxury apartment in a neighborhood that makes your life a hell is not the home you want and you will soon realize that you did a bad investment. Here are some factors to consider when choosing homes for sale in Aurora 80016 neighborhoods.

Transportation options

Make sure you can easily drive to/ from your neighborhood, there are enough parking areas and the public transportation system is well-established. Transportation options are one of the most important criteria when choosing the area where you want to live, because traffic is a major stress factor nowadays.

homes for sale in Aurora 80016 neighborhoods

Civilized neighbors

Anyone wants to have civilized neighbors, but few have such luck. Before you purchase a house, it is worth checking whether you have a musician neighbor who has to perform rehearsals three times a week, including during your relaxation hours.

But there is also the reverse of the medal: if you are a person with many friends, who likes parties, it is not good to live in a neighborhood where most residents are retired, because you will be ostracized by an angry crowd, the first time you bring your friends in, for a house warming party.


Sometimes, even if you seem to found a great neighborhood, you may not be able to afford an apartment there, and spending the money you have kept for home decoration or for other expenses, just to buy a home in an expensive neighborhood is not a good option.

Things First-time Home Buyers Should Consider

Things First-time Home Buyers Should Consider

Many dream for years to have the perfect house, with lawn in the front garden and a few rooms upstairs. Beyond the general aspect of the building, there are different other elements that provide important clues about the value of the property. It is essential to understand the steps to take when buying a home, the hidden costs and other important things you need to pay attention to. You certainly do not want to make hasty decisions, especially since it is your first property.

  1. Establish a budget

Before looking for a house for sale, you must carefully check your financial situation. Determine what you can afford and what will be the maximum budget available for such a transaction.

  1. Study the market

Tom Ullrich - Remax

Treat the choice of your first home with maximum responsibility and study the real estate market  – look at this for help – long before placing an offer.

  1. Obtain a pre-approval of the credit

You may find a perfect home for sale, but if you do not know when you will get your loan and if you will get it, you risk losing the opportunity to purchase it, because homeowners do not wait until you get your approval, as there are plenty of other interested buyers. So, go through the credit pre-approval process before you make any real estate transaction.

  1. Call a real estate agent

Even if you want to avoid paying commissions to an agent, remember that this is your first home. A skilled professional will find properties that fit your budget and requirements and facilitate negotiations between you and the seller.