Why Now Is the Best Time To List Your Home

Why Now Is the Best Time To List Your Home


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The end of spring is always the busiest period on the real estate market – according to the statistics, the homes listed during this period are viewed by a much higher number of visitors and the homes listed in this period spend fewer days on the market than the properties listed during the rest of the year. Seasonality seems to be a very important factor that will determine the success of your selling attempt – here are some reasons why the end of spring is such a great period for selling your home:

  • Great weather – most people start looking for new projects, such as shopping for their new home when the weather turns comfortable;
  • Tax refunds – many people get their tax refunds by the end of spring or the beginning of summer, which also means that they have more money in their pocket and they are more determined to invest into real estate;
  • Job growth – the construction industry is a major factor in the economy of most states and regions. The building business usually becomes more active in spring, so that is when the segment starts attracting new labor force and, as a consequence, that is when a huge number of new buyers start looking for homes to buy.

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How to Find a Family Friendly Neighborhood

How to Find a Family Friendly Neighborhood

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A family friendly neighborhood is, for many people, an important criteria on their home selection search, because having a great house in a mediocre location or in an ill reputed neighborhood can make you unhappy about living there.

A good neighborhood should be accessible to public transportation and ensure easy commute to working family members, so they can reach home as soon as possible, without having to spend too much time on the road. It also needs to have a pedestrian friendly center, where people can find quality activities and social events for them and for their kids. Ideally, the downtown has to be nearby, especially for those active people who tend to feel secluded in a distant suburb, even if it is quiet and peaceful.

Family people also appreciate parks and playgrounds in the proximity of their home, which can help them and their children to be in the proximity of other people and integrate into the local community.

A family friendly neighborhood should also provide a good school system with unique programs that you can choose from.

Finally yet importantly, it should be crime free or at least have a very low crime rate, otherwise you may end up paying quite a lot for your safety and lose your peace of mind worrying constantly.

If you would like to live in a neighborhood with great schools, low crime, open space, playground and pool common areas, and lots of families, you may want to call a realtor to help you look at family friendly Greenfield homes for sale.


How Do You Know When You Found the Right Home to Purchase?

How Do You Know When You Found the Right Home to Purchase?

Buying a new house is a lot more than just an impulse buy based on the appearance of the home. Although it’s important to have a good impression about the home from the start, it’s also important to know that the home you want to buy will be a place you live in, and not just a fashion statement. RE/MAX real estate expert Tom Ullrich, can help you navigate the complexities of choosing your new home.

Real estate professional Tom Ullrich can help you chose a new home

“Knowing” that the home you are considering is good for you should be based on multiple factors:

  • First, you have to make sure you can afford the house, otherwise it doesn’t matter how great it is.
  • Next, it’s important to visit it and see it for yourself. Get some information about the square footage, the number of bedrooms, as well as any utilities, amenities and special features it has. Finally, talk about the problems and see whether or not they might bother you while you live there.
  • Finally, consider how much more money you have to invest before the house you buy becomes the house of your dreams. Renovation work, roof replacements, paint jobs as well as interior remodeling should all be considered before you make your decision.

Combined with curb appeal, size and the proximity to important places like schools or your workplace, these factors should help you easily decide whether or not you have found the right home to buy.

Why Everyone is Moving to Colorado

Why Everyone is Moving to Colorado

Denver Colorado

The Centennial State, and popular Greenfield neighborhood, is a very fast-growing state which new comers find very appealing for planting their roots and start a new life. Here are some of their reasons:

  1. Colorado is one of the states with a significant economic growth

It has enjoyed a steady boost in the last decade that continues the upward trend.

  1. You can find a good job here

The economic growth we have talked before has many positive effects, one of them being a strong and consistent job market that has been like this since the 90`s

  1. Colorado is also a beautiful place to live

It has magnificent natural landscape, being only a trip away from Utah’s deserts, Wyoming’s National Parks and other outdoor lovers` dreams. Maybe that`s why people here like to be active, healthy and in good shape. Fitness, hiking, yoga – most practice them.

  1. Colorado has a rich cultural life, many entertainment options and a great shopping scene

All in all, finding a good and healthy work-life balance is made easy in the Centennial State. People have access to many ways to create a good life here, and this is the most important aspect that attracts them.

Contact a realtor today to find beautiful Greenfield homes for sale, and enjoy summer in your new state!