How To Showcase Your Home Without An Open House

How To Showcase Your Home Without An Open House

In the past, hosting an open house was the only way to present a home up for sale. The method is today considered one of the inefficient ones – open houses attract all sorts of people, most of them not even sure whether they have the money to buy a house at all and many price hunters, not to mention the privacy and security concerns of have too many strangers in your home at the same time.

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Fortunately, modern technology can be used for presenting your home without having to organize a tour for unknown people – here are some tips from expert Greenfield realtors:

  • High resolution pictures – modern digital devices are today capable of shooting great pictures, so you can create a great gallery of pictures of your home and you can add them to your online listings;
  • Panoramic videos – high-resolution, panoramic videos are also great for showing your home to interested buyers;
  • Creating a virtual tour – this method requires some skill, but there are lots of great applications that you can use for creating a virtual tour of your home.

Whichever of the above methods you choose, you will have to prepare your home the same way you would with an open house, highlighting its assets and showing its best face.

What Are the Most Helpful Tips for Outlining a Property Appraisal?

What Are the Most Helpful Tips for Outlining a Property Appraisal?

A property appraisal is basically a comprehensive process for evaluating how much a property might be worth. The appraisal itself is written by a professional property appraiser, and should include a variety of information regarding the property, the accurate value of its various amenities and features, and a host of other important insights.

One of the main items on the list, when it comes to figuring out what to add to a property appraisal, is a comprehensive comparison with similar properties found in the same geographic area. Expert Greenfield realtors like Tom Ullrich, can offer insight on local property values and comparison pricing. An appraiser will have to make sure you cover this topic and outline how the property fares in comparison with similar real estate buildings.

Greenfield realtors can help with real estate appraisal cost comparisons

Another important element is the cost, which will usually be evaluated based on the value of the materials and features added to the property, as well as their age and their utility. There is even a cost-based and a utility based approach to property appraisal writing, which tackle the issue from two different viewpoints: how much the building is actually worth as a real estate property, and how much its investment potential might be.

Ultimately creating a practical property appraisal is all about the ability to build a detailed outline that covers all these topics and issues and forms them into a complete, easy to read appraisal that anyone might understand quite easily.

Family Friendly Colorado Neighborhoods

Family Friendly Colorado Neighborhoods

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Colorado is a great place to live and people flock here for different reasons: good jobs, affordable housing costs, technological development, great outdoors, friendly neighborhoods etc.

For individuals and families alike, it is hard to find good reasons not to live in the Centennial state. Colorado has four national parks, a few dozens of state parks, national forests and wildlife refuges, as well as breathtaking landscape. Here are some of the friendliest places to live with your family.

  1. Fort Collins

Fort Collins is at the top of best cities for families due to its good schools, cultural scene and outdoor recreation opportunities. There are many city parks with playground and pet friendly areas, an impressive library system downtown, health costs are lower than average and there are a few farmers markets that provide easy access to healthy food.

  1. Castle Rock

Castle Rock provides high quality of life, it has amazing scenic beauty and a multitude of recreation opportunities that keep families active. This city is committed to open space, being also in the top 10 fastest growing communities in the US. There are lower home prices here and very good schools.

  1. Broomfield

Broomfield has a lower crime rate than the national average and is another family- friendly location. There is a variety of classes for kids, educational activities and schools with high scores in various evaluations.

4. Centennial

Centennial is home to award winning Cherry Creek schools and in close proximity to lots of open space. Call outstanding Greenfield realtors and see how this community will offer you a family lifestyle you have always dreamed of.