Some of the First Things to Do Before Selling Your Home in Colorado

Some of the First Things to Do Before Selling Your Home in Colorado

Planning to sell your home in Colorado might seem like a straightforward task, but in most cases it’s really not. You’ll have to take care of a few very important matters before considering it, and there are also quite a few pitfalls that you might need to avoid.

First, make sure that you hire a dependable and experienced real estate professional like Tom Ullrich to help you from the very start. Tom understands the local market and can help with your listing, while also providing you with invaluable tips to help you set up and renovate your home, before accepting any buyers to come and see it.

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Curb appeal is also very important, and most realtors will consider it their duty to tell you a lot about what you should do to maximize your home’s curb appeal as soon as possible. In some cases, buying a new roof, replacing your siding and hiring a landscaping expert will be just a few of the main tasks that you’ll need to consider.

Finally, make sure that you coordinate with your realtor to find out the true value of your home, before you think about setting up a listing. Doing so will maximize your chances to get a competitive price, instead of selling your home at a cost that doesn’t fully live up to the full potential of the property’s overall value.

Things First-time Home Buyers Should Consider

Things First-time Home Buyers Should Consider

Many dream for years to have the perfect house, with lawn in the front garden and a few rooms upstairs. Beyond the general aspect of the building, there are different other elements that provide important clues about the value of the property. It is essential to understand the steps to take when buying a home, the hidden costs and other important things you need to pay attention to. You certainly do not want to make hasty decisions, especially since it is your first property.

  1. Establish a budget

Before looking for a house for sale, you must carefully check your financial situation. Determine what you can afford and what will be the maximum budget available for such a transaction.

  1. Study the market

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Treat the choice of your first home with maximum responsibility and study the real estate market  – look at this for help – long before placing an offer.

  1. Obtain a pre-approval of the credit

You may find a perfect home for sale, but if you do not know when you will get your loan and if you will get it, you risk losing the opportunity to purchase it, because homeowners do not wait until you get your approval, as there are plenty of other interested buyers. So, go through the credit pre-approval process before you make any real estate transaction.

  1. Call a real estate agent

Even if you want to avoid paying commissions to an agent, remember that this is your first home. A skilled professional will find properties that fit your budget and requirements and facilitate negotiations between you and the seller.


The Best Ways to Find Homes for Sale

The Best Ways to Find Homes for Sale

Finding your new home, a property that is perfect not only in terms of size and layout, but also fits into your budget is a daunting task that often takes a long time, too.

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To step up the efficiency of your search, you need to use as many methods as you can come up with – here are some for you:

  • First off, hire real estate agent Tom Ullrich, – RE/MAX. His experience, honesty, and work ethic will best support your search for your new home.
  • Register on real estate listing websites – searching for your new home online is probably the most efficient way – real estate listing sites provide alerts whenever ads that suit your requirements are posted and they also allow you to browse new listings whenever you want. You can register on any number of listing sites, but before you do that, carry out a little research to find out how reliable and efficient the websites that you have in mind really are;
  • Use printed media – local newspapers also have ads sections where you can find your new home;
  • Tell the people you know about your plan to buy a new home – you might know somebody who knows somebody who is currently looking a buyer for their property;

Benefits of Home Sale Staging

Benefits of Home Sale Staging

Selling a home involves a lot of work and patience. Whether you do this for the first time or not, you need to know how to prepare a home before it goes on sale. There are many benefits of home sale staging – see – and nothing compares to a good plan. Remember that your home is only one of the hundreds available on the local market, so the competition is tough, which is why every detail matters.

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Clean the house

As soon as you decide to sell the house, you must schedule a general cleaning, including in hidden corners and crawling spaces. A clean home attracts more prospective buyers and may have more value.

Give up some furniture items

You can give up some pieces of furniture that do nothing except crowding the space.  If you find a buyer for these you will get an extra amount of money that you can spend on upgrades and raising the value of the house you are selling.

Highlight the house`s strengths

Try to make the house look like a welcoming place for prospective buyers. Highlight its strengths: perhaps a spacious living room, a beautiful garden or a terrace – these can make a difference if they are visible and emphasized.

What to Consider When Styling Your Home Before You Sell It

What to Consider When Styling Your Home Before You Sell It

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When you want to sell your home, styling it and making it appealing to potential buyers is a very important business. You don’t want your potential buyers to walk in and feel like they should leave right away because the furniture colors are too flashy or the color contrasts and styles of the furniture and walls don’t really match. As a result, it’s a good idea to consider following a few simple tips for styling your home before selling it:

  • Consider your neighbors and what makes their homes special. The best way to get the inspiration you need is to see what works. If you have a neighbor who always entertains guests and who you know pretty well, this will be a good time to pay them a visit and take a look at how they decorate their home.
  • Call a reputable realtor like Tom Ullrich – RE/MAX, and let him share his expertise with you about what changes will increase the selling price of your home.
  • Make sure the outside is not that different from the inside. If your home has a tasteful, traditionally styled exterior, it’s a good idea to keep that trend when you style your interior as well. Otherwise, many buyers will be put off by the fact that, during the showing, they didn’t really find what they were expecting and wanting to find when they walked into your house.